We receive you

fOpened Restaurant :

On Monday evening (with rooms), Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday midday (in the evening on réser).

Opened hotel :

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday (on réser.)


In summer period, the establishment is opened seven days of seven.

For your tranquility and for the quality of our benefits it is always preferable to reserve. beforehand, your table or your room.

Restoring services taken of the orders of 12h00 pm – 1h30 pm and of  7h00 pm – 8h30 pm.
Rooms at your disposal from 2h00 pm and liberated (released) at 11h00 am (except agreement beforehand)

It is possible to do special openings up by restoring and in hotel, let’s speak about it together, contact us.